About Us

February 26th, 2016


Pacific Artists Dance Center is dedicated to providing the best professional quality dance and movement instruction in an atmosphere that is disciplined, challenging, and rigorous while simultaneously healthy, safe, and nurturing.


The cornerstone of the PADC teaching philosophy is that humans have a better capacity to learn and achieve through constructive evaluation conveyed in a caring and encouraging manner. We believe that teaching in this way helps to foster an attitude of empowerment and success. Furthermore, we believe that teaching methods that incorporate fear of failure, rejection or ridicule are detrimental to the psyche (especially for young children and adolescents) and can feed insecurities and low self-esteem.

Methods for Achievement

In the effort to achieve this mission and promote our philosophy, PADC employs staff carefully selected from Portland’s most qualified professionals. Each instructor possesses extensive background and accomplishment in his or her chosen discipline. Every employee is counseled in the meaning of the PADC Mission and Philosophy as well as methods of implementing its delivery to students and colleagues.       By doing this PADC strives to build a synergy that promotes learning, accomplishment and empowerment in a positive and encouraging environment.

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